Exterior painting & decorating

Most pleasing to the eye!

This is probably one of our favourite exterior decorating projects to date.

outside decorating

This beautiful cottage sits on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Petworth and being on the roadside bears the brunt of the traffic, it was very much in need of a facelift!

Changing the original black and white paintwork to a stunning blue and cream we made an already stunning home even more so.

The whole of this property was revamped including all external woodwork and now sits proudly to be admired by all passers by.

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External woodwork renovation

External Woodwork


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Photo gallery showing before and after shots.

Repair, renovate, re-vive!

Now we’ve finally reached summer and can enjoy the outside space, our eyes focus on the external woodwork – oh dear!

Now, if you’re living in a modern house the chances are you will have uPVC doors and sills, but what about a more traditional property? Is your woodwork looking slightly the worse for wear?

Rising to the challenge, K&R can expertly repair and renovate your doors, frames and sills, restoring them to their best.

Working as always closely with you to ensure the project is completed to your specification, we guarantee to breathe new life into your outside woodwork.

Glance through our before and after photographs, you will amazed at the results!


Spray-painted stabling

Stabling fit for the King of horses!

stable doors

So, last week we showcased the ‘pretty’ side of stables – this week, the sequel – the practical aspect of them.

Cleanliness has to be paramount when it comes to stabling horses so a fresh clean coat of easy clean, durable paint is what was needed.

With David’s love of the latest methods, the work was expertly spray-painted leaving the smoothest of surfaces.

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With a blending tone of black to match the outer woodwork and the décor of the tack-room I’m sure you’ll agree that the practical really can be as pretty!

Stable Painting & Decorating

Equestrian Living.

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West Sussex is renowned for its love of horses, think Goodwood Races and The Cowdray Gold Cup for starters!

Synonymous with this is the ample amount of stabling and livery yards dotted around these areas.

It used to be that these were simply functional places to stable your horses – and of course this is still mainly the case.

We have in recent years been commissioned to undertake a higher more decorative specification instead of the standard finish – primarily as these areas are more frequently being used for celebrating the season’s achievements.

Functional and fantastic I’m sure you’ll agree.

Stairways and Hallways

Reaching New Heights.

traditional stairwell

Do you look at your stairway and shudder at the thought of attempting to balance up there – let alone actually decorate?!

Then let the experts at K&R take charge!

We have completed scores of stairways and hallways both modern and traditional.

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With a vast array of finishes using the option of a variety of techniques – including our fabulous ‘dustless sanding’ to strip back and reveal the former glory of your balustrade and our sleek ‘spray-paint ’service, giving a blemish free look.

All undertaken to your specification – we can source any colour & finish to perfectly suit your theme.

Take a look at the slideshow for further inspiration.


Spray Painting Service.

Spray Painting – Miracle Makeover.

kitchen makeovers

Do you ever look in dismay at your kitchen? Those tatty old units? Do you despair at ever being able to replace them due to the monstrous costs involved in buying new?

K & R Decorators have the perfect solution!

Introducing our new ‘spray painting’ service.

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Simple and extremely effective, transforming your existing cupboards from dingy to dazzling.

With our expertise in this field we guarantee you a lasting, quality job that we are certain you will be delighted with.

Not just limited to kitchens, this service can be used in a variety of projects including all types of furniture and fittings, fences, doors and so on! Pretty universal really.

Do you have a project in mind? Call us to discuss your options.


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